It takes conviction to lead. Latin Connoisseur – Your Guide to Excellence is the most provocative cross-cultural lifestyle brand name and guide tool that's in constant motion engaging its vibrant and refined audience at an intellectual and emotional level via print, interactive web platform and mobile device app ex: Ipad and events.Latin Connoisseur effectively has been acting as a link between leading brands and a rather diverse universal audience in the U.S.

This media platform is targeting affluent (150k+) acculturated Hispanics in the U.S. who pursue excellence and for everyone in between who is equally influenced by and passionate about our culture and values.Our Latin lifestyle magazine is the perfect guide that speaks and reflects equally on sophisticated and intellectual individuals of high net worth in the US and the world.

Latin Connoisseur is written in the language and style that directly speaks to a wider range of Latin and Hispanic discerning connoisseurs through fashion, travel, gastronomy, health, sports, family and culture. We publish in print and online 6 issues per year in the most important cosmopolitan cities such as: Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Houston and other major metro areas.Our mission is to inspire our readers in a way that every-time they get our products or simply visit our site in search of any answers we can remind them their culture (their past) their family (their present), and their education, (their future).

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